Cleaning Prices in Epsom

Are you tired of bad work for higher price? We can solve your problems. When booking our service we give you the number and our latest discounts for Epsom area. We advise you to consider the offers we provide for our clients that combine two, three or more of our services. Choosing an offer or a complex service can save you a lot of money. When doing so you get an individual quote that is created according to your needs and demands and according to the current discounts. The greatest plus is that you can change the services in the quote every time. The professional cleaners, gardeners and builders can give you tips on what needs to be done next. With their help, you can plan the services you will need for a time period up to a year.

Call us 24/7 on 020 3026 2369, or find us on the chat facility on our website. You can also get your free quote by filling in the booking form. We will be glad to assist you in any way we can and answer all your questions.

See a list of all services on our home page. Do not hesitate to contact us. With our help your office, home and garden can become spotless and beautiful.


  • Studio flat (excluding carpet cleaning) from £98
  • Studio flat (including carpet cleaning) from£130
  • One Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £132
  • One Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) from £172
  • Two Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £164
  • Two Bedroom Property(including carpet cleaning) from £214
  • Three Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) from £194
  • Three Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) from £268

One Off

  • £12/hour for Members
  • £15/hour Standard Price

Give us a ring today and one of our operatives will be able to provide a free quote based on your requirements and property size.


Prices vary depending on the size and fabric of the carpets to be cleaned. Example prices include:

  • Single Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £21
  • Living Room Carpet Cleaning £25
  • Three microfibre seater sofa £37
  • 1 pair short Curtains £19
  • * Minimum Call out Charge £51

Regular Cleaning

  • Club Members Price – £12/hour
  • Non-members Standard Price – £15/hour
  • *T&C and Minimum Charges apply. Prices may vary for properties outside M25. Congestion charges are excluded when applicable.
    *Prices per hour/ per cleaner